These Anti-Glare Glasses Fit Over Your Frames And Cut Down On Glare

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If you've ever driven at night, you know the pain of cresting a hill and experiencing headlights shooting right in your eyes. Getting dazzled isn't just uncomfortable, it can be actively dangerous. The Hawk Eye Anti Glare Glasses keep you safe on the road by cutting down glare while letting light through.


As it gets darker, our pupils open to let in more light. When our eyes are suddenly flooded with light, our pupils constrict to filter it out. Repeated constriction and opening can be both physically painful and mentally exhausting as your brain constantly has to adjust to changing conditions. This is part of the reason that nighttime is the most dangerous time to drive, even though fewer people are on the road. Reducing glare can make a big difference.

The Hawk Eye glasses cut glare with a special amber coating. Where sunglasses combine polarization, which blocks light at certain angles, with a simple coloring in the lens to reduce overall light, anti-glare lenses equalize the intensity of the light as it enters.

This means that more light passes through, but that light is reduced in intensity, allowing a more even amount of light to enter your pupil. The yellow tint also mitigates the amount of high-energy visible light (HEV light) that's more likely to cause glare.

They're also useful for outdoor sports, and not just for cutting glare off the water. The yellow tint increases visual contrast to help you pick out details, especially on grey days.


The glasses come with two types of frames. The semi-rimless are perfect for placing on top of your prescription glasses when needed, while the versions with rims are ideal for people who don't have glasses and want to reduce glare. 

Get the Hawk Eye Anti Glare Glasses for $30 (reg. $50), a discount of 40%!

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