These $30 Interactive Courses Make Learning To Code Much Easier

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Interested in learning how to code? You came to the right place. We know that starting from scratch may be intimidating, especially if you feel like an amateur in a world where kids are coding better than some adults can. Tap into the right resources, though, and you’ll get a strong foundation in the basics, plus learn to perform advanced actions like the pros. 


It all starts with the Interactive Learn to Code Bundle. This nine-course bundle covers the same content many instructors teach, but the hands-on nature is what really sets it apart from other course loads. Rated five stars, keep reading to find out why this bundle is the key to unlocking your coding potential. 

For one, you’ll learn the core functions and concepts of JavaScript starting at the beginner level. This course is unique in that instead of just being taught said concepts, they are actually reinforced with hands-on projects you’ll put together yourself. The same goes for another course on how to write a Solidity smart contract from scratch. These particular interactive lessons will be especially useful for those looking to work in blockchain and Ethereum (that got your attention, didn't it?). 

All nine courses in this bundle are offered by BitDegree, an online learning platform that offers interactive courses to prepare you for a career in coding. You’ll learn about SQL, another industry-standard programming language, through a 4.5-star tutorial. Here, you'll discover the fundamentals and how to write SQL queries, plus work with the various relational database management systems – all sans-textbook. Considering that SQL is a required skill for roles across data analysis, tech support and project management, this course can actually help you get hired. 

That just scratches the surface of what this bundle has to offer. More topics include lessons on the popular Python programming language, fundamentals in responsive web design, how to use the Bootstrap CSS framework and more. 


Sure, there are free tutorials out there, and plenty of random websites claiming to be the authority in coding. But for just $30, you can trust this course bundle to take the guesswork out of complicated concepts. 

Right now, you can get the Interactive Learn to Code Bundle at $29.99, down 73% from the original MSRP.

Prices subject to change.