What Jobs Will Be Replaced By Robots In The Near-Future?

They took our jobs! Jenson/Shutterstock

In the coming 30 years, advanced robots and automated machines could potentially replace tens of millions of jobs. But what jobs are actually on the line and which ones will continue to flourish while our future robot overlords slowly gather strength? 

This sleek infographic, created by Titlemax, shows 50 of the most common occupations in the US and the chances of them being replaced by a humanless automated process in the not-so-distant future. The findings were produced by combing data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and information from the website "Will Robots Take My Job?", which was based on a 2013 study about computerization and future employment.

If you're a high school teacher, we have some very good news for you. If you're a chef, then not so much. 

But don't fret too much. Throughout history, new technology has revolutionized the nature of employment, quite often leaving workers with fears that they might soon be obsolete. However, new technology has also created new opportunities and new jobs. The future is not ours to know, but many argue this upcoming shift of the world's workforce will be no different (well, unless the robots really do take over). 




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