See Inside A Hyperloop Pod For The First Time

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies

As cool as the idea of the Hyperloop might seem, getting thrusted forward at 1,220 kilometers per hour (760 miles per hour) in a tube might be enough to put some people off. So perhaps to ease the minds of sweaty-palmed passengers, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) has decided to show off their interior designs. The released images show a plush interior with leather seats and weirdly narrow aisles. 

As you can imagine, it might get a bit dark and claustrophobic in the pod, so the design features interactive screens that simulate windows. Using motion-capture technology, Munich-based company Re'Flekt is working with HTT to develop augmented-reality screens that adjust the window image depending on where you're looking. You’ll also be able to interact with the screens much like a tablet or smartphone screen. 

Image credit: Hyperloop Transportation Technologies.

“We believe the connection between the rider and the digital environment is a crucial relationship,” Bibop Gresta, COO of HTT, said in a press release. “This competition will help us find that perfect interactive model to keep our riders happy, informed, distracted, and/or relaxed while planning a trip or traveling in one of our capsules. And it will allow businesses to precisely tailor offers, advertising, entertainment, and opportunities to our passengers, creating a truly singular experience.”

At the Pioneers Festival in Austria earlier this week, HTT announced that the capsules will be made out of “Vibranium” – yep, the stuff Captain America’s shield is made out of. According to HTT, this newly developed smart-material is made from “sensor-embedded carbon fiber.” Along with being eight times stronger and five times lighter than aluminum, it is also able to detect and communicate any problems or defects within itself. You can see more about that in the video below.

While it all sounds very fancy, it’s worth considering that these are just concept designs; HTT is yet to actually display any form of working prototype. Other companies such as Hyperloop One do appear to be making more solid progress. Earlier this month, they carried out the first public test of a Hyperloop capsule. So stay tuned – the future’s just around the corner.




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