Watch A Katana-Wielding Robot Battle A Human Samurai Sword Master

A very tense stare down between the two challengers. / Yaskawa Bushido Project

In the red corner, Machii Isao—an Iaido master and expert swordsman. Isao is a five-time Guinness World Record holder, including fastest 1,000 iaido sword cuts (completed in 36 minutes and 4 seconds) and most Iaido sword cuts to one mat (8).

You may have seen him on the Internet as the real-life fruit ninja or watched him slice a tiny BB pellet in half as it sped towards him at 200 mph.

And in the blue corner, MOTOMAN-MH24. Able to carry 24 kilograms (53 pounds), this high-precision robot has a “best-in-class speed of operation performance” and has been optimized to “further improve productivity.” So they gave it a sword!?

Who will win this battle?

Well, they don’t actually fight each other but they do compete in impressively fast Iaido challenges, such as slicing lemons and cutting mats. Check out the video from Yaskawa below to see more.



[H/T ZME Science]


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