Watch As This Engineer Cranks Up A 20,000-Watt Light Bulb In His Backyard


Your average household light bulb is around 60 watts. This guy managed to get his hands on a 20,000-watt one.

The man behind the Photonicinduction YouTube channel is a particularly eccentric electrical engineer with a clear ethos set out: “No silly expensive lab required, the best inventors did it all at home first!” As he explains in the comments of the video, this kind of lightbulb is only really intended for lighting on huge scale film sets. However, he first cranks up the 0.5-meter-long (1.6 feet) bulb inside his house, but then takes it outside to his garden where it lights up his whole neighborhood.

He also gives a detailed run-through of all the equipment and some of the electrical engineering behind his feat. But just one question remains, how much is his electricity bill? 

Check out the Photonicinduction YouTube channel for more electrically-excited experiments.

[H/T: Motherboard & Gizmodo]


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