This Brick-Laying Robot Can Build A House In A Few Days

Fastbrick Robotics via Gary Paull/Youtube

Meet Hadrian X, the laser-guided bricklaying robot that can build a house in a couple of days.

The robot is the latest creation from Australia-based company Fastbrick Robotics. Named after the Roman emperor who famously built a wall in Britain, the Hadrian X can lay more than 1,000 bricks every hour.

It’s essentially a truck fitted with a 28-meter-long (92-foot-long) conveyor belt with an automated brick-laying machine on the end. This robot machine is fitted with a programmable laser guidance system that allows it to place bricks in a pre-set order, each within 0.5 millimeters of accuracy. To hold the bricks in place, it uses an adhesive construction glue instead of conventional mortar. All in all, it’s taken AUS $7 million ($5.25 million) and 10 years of work to get it to where it is now.

You can watch this masonry marvel in action in the promotional video below. Thanks to the curiosity roused by the video, Fastbrick Robotics’ shares are up more than 13 percent this week, Business Insider reports.


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