Things You Can Do With A Hundred Pounds of Magnetic Putty
Janet Fang 21 May 2014, 03:24
Remember the Silly Putty of yore? So stretchy and bouncy (and also quite capable of reproducing faithful, mirror-image copies of the cartoon section of the morning paper). Well, now there's Magnetic Thinking Putty -- just like the childhood stuff, but embedded with millions of tiny, micron-sized magnets. And if you charge the putty with the neodymium iron boron magnet that's included, it becomes a little magnet itself apparently.
Here's a video showing all sorts of things you can do with 100 pounds (45 kilograms) of magnetic putty, especially if you have a big, strong magnet. (Just don't try to climb it like a rope.)
Image/video: Vat19

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