These Guys Built Iron Man's Laser Firing Gauntlet And Captain America's Shield

Mouser Electronics/YouTube

Who needs to have “supersoldier” status or the salary of Tony Stark if you’ve got a little bit of engineering know-how and a 3D printer?

YouTuber Allen Pan and Grant Imahara, of "MythBusters" fame, teamed up with Mouser Electronics to bring some superhero technology to life in celebration of the recently released “Captain America: Civil War” film.

Allen Pan had the challenge of creating a Captain America-style flying shield. His design was an aerial drone, which he was able to guide and direct through movements in his wrist. Proving that the leaps and bounds in 3D printing have been worth it, Imahara fitted his own Iron Man-inspired gauntlet with the highest powered laser he could legally buy, and the two faced each other in a balloon-popping showdown.

You can check out the clash of the homemade heros below, as well as their video explaining how they built and designed their contraptions.





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