The Coolest And Wackiest Tech Revealed At CES 2019 So Far

Hyundai unveiled their new concept vehicle, called Elevate, at CES this week. Hyundai Motor Company 

Smart Doorbells

A number of companies have debuted smart doorbell products at CES, not least because this seemingly niche market is set to be worth $10 billion, BBC News reports. One of the biggest hitters is Ring, which was bought by Amazon last year.

Among their 13 new products, Ring unveiled the Ring Door View Cam. It’s effectively an electronic peephole that allows you to see who is outside your door remotely. Not only does it respond to a ring of the doorbell, it even senses when people are knocking on the door. Best of all, it doesn’t require wiring (good news for renters who can’t drill any holes in their property) and simply uses a rechargeable battery.


Foldable Smartphones

Don’t you just hate those damn unfoldable smartphones? Well, fear not. Chinese startup Royole is showcasing their latest model of FlexPai, billed "the world's first commercial foldable smartphone.” The FlexPai can be used either folded as a smartphone or unfolded like a tablet. Also, since it’s capable of folding from 0 to 180 degrees, it shouldn't snap in your back pocket or shatter in your bag.

"Say goodbye to broken screens," Royole say on their website.

Photoshop Your Actual Skin

The Precision Skincare System was revealed by Opté, allowing consumers to essentially “edit” out blemishes on their skin, whether they be age spots and acne scars or just plain old freckles.

Here’s how it works, as per Gizmodo.. Scan the “wand” over your skin and it will detect the difference in coloration. It will then use a microprinter to squirt out a tiny amount of specialized serum to moisturize and fade the hyperpigmented area.

Face-Controlled Wheelchair

Intel and Hoobox Robotics have created what they call “the world's first wheelchair controlled by facial expressions.” Armed with AI and the latest 3D Intel RealSense Depth Camera SR300, the Wheelie 7 allows people with limited movement to fully control the motion of their motorized wheelchair using simple facial commands, such as smiling, sticking your tongue out, pouting your lips, and seven other expressions.


Clever Bra

In the latest bid to make every single object WiFi enabled, behold the “smart bra”.

Underwear company Soma showed off their new $59 smart bra, SOMAINNOFIT. Fear not, the bra is not intended for everyday use. It’s equipped with “exclusive new measuring technology” to provide you with an accurate bra size. It goes far beyond providing a band and cup size, it also accounts for different breast shapes. It will then send its results directly to your smartphone via an app.

According to Soma, the smart bra “sold out in hours” after being revealed at CES 2019.



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