Robots May Put 800 Million People Out Of A Job By 2030

The future's right around the corner. Praphan Jampala/Shutterstock

This study, if anything, points out the inevitability of societal progress.

As science and technology become more advanced, they also become more available, and the way society operates changes. Just a brief look at the history of medicine, of physics, of engineering will clearly show that, barring an utter catastrophe, we’re all moving towards the future – albeit not at the same pace.

The authors of the study explain that the proliferation of automation will “generate significant benefits for users, businesses, and economies, lifting productivity and economic growth.” They add that “it will create new occupations that do not exist today, much as technologies of the past have done.”

There’s no point in fighting this generally positive change, but this report does suggest that this contentious debate needs revisiting, and quickly.

In much the same way that those in the dying coal industry could be given retraining to work in clean energy, those losing their jobs to machines should be trained up to be in charge of the automation to some degree – or at least be given a decent chance to switch careers.

Either way, they’ll clearly need plenty of help, and that’s the key issue here.

A lot of resentment follows on from unemployment, and it’s often misdirected or manipulated. If this issue isn’t given more attention, the future will be infused with rage.

[H/T: Axios]

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