People Have Already Figured Out How To Cheat At Pokémon GO

Rusty Cage/YouTube

Pokémon GO has already received praise from health experts for getting people out the house and exercising (even if they are still glued to their smartphones). Many people are even taking to social media to report that the augmented-reality game has helped their depression and anxiety.

Along with walking around maps of the real world trying to catch Pokémon, the game also allows you to find eggs that hatch after you walk a certain distance. Nevertheless, some Snorlax-like users are already trying to get around the movement involved with the game.

This video by Rusty Cage shows the devious techniques he has found that can “hack” the GPS system that measures the distance people have walked – and it only involves vinyl players or ceiling fans.

In the video, he explains: “As it spins, my Avatar mindlessly walks in circles, increasing my travelling distance and bringing my incubating eggs closer to hatching.”

Although some commenters doubted that the GPS would be satellite sensitive enough to pick up on the small distances moved, it’s likely to be tricking the GPS's ability to know which direction the player is facing.

Check out the video below and try it out for yourself – though, keep in mind, this exactly the kind of trick “Team Rocket” would pull.


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