Incredible (And Hilarious) Reddit Post Demonstrates The Perils Of Voice-To-Text Software

Woman types using voice-to-text software. Image credit: I'm friday/, kittynouveau/Twitter

Look, the vast majority of the time, tech is amazing. However, with all new tech comes teething problems and a period of adaptation where things don't go quite as smoothly as the inventors anticipated. In one perfect example that went viral recently, one mother demonstrated how voice-to-text software can translate conversations you weren't hoping to put out there into the world.


The text was originally posted to Reddit, and began as a serious reply to somebody who was having problems with a co-worker after they found out about their pregnancy.

"I’m experiencing this and have been with my best friend. :( She has BPD and it makes it even harder," the reply began, quite coherently.

"My pregnancy and child have brought up a ton of horrible do we have a poop uhoh poop poop poop poop poop poop poop We have a poop we have a poop we have a poop poop poop poop poop poop poop is that a poop is that a poop I think we have a poop we have a poop we have a poop poop poop poop poop poop poop is that a poop is that a poop oh my it is a poop I love you my poopy boy I love you my poopy boy Mama change your poop you mamas poopy boy I love you my poopie boy oh my little buddy mama is almost done mamas almost done oh there we go there we go good job good job we did a good job poopy boy you stink you stink poopie boy can mama put your pants on hey can I put your pants on mama put your pants on ok I love you buddy I love you that’s my buddy oh there we go no more poops no more poops now we got a wash our hands OK Can you sit here while mama wash her hands just for one second while mama washes their hands OK here take this take this put that in your mouth good boy just one second."

As you have probably worked out, during the transcription she was interrupted by her good stinky boy who had done a poop poop poop.


In another similar tale from 2017, one trombonist accidentally texted his wife using voice-to-text technology.


He later offered up the proof for the skeptics out there.

To be fair to the tech, it transcribed a fairly typical conversation between a parent and a kid having their diaper changed, and a trombone going "whoop woop woo woo" with astonishing accuracy. One day, maybe the tech will be able to differentiate when a heartfelt reply to a plea for advice turns into a poop clean-up, or a kickass tuba solo from a request for somebody to "please pick up milk". But hopefully, not soon.



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