Incoming Secretary Of Energy Rick Perry Has No Idea What The Job Actually Is

Perry, pictured back in 2015, speaking at the annual meeting of the NRA. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

But did Perry just perform a remarkable about-turn? As reported by CNN, he said today that he regrets calling for the agency’s elimination.

“After being briefed on so many of the vital functions of the Department of Energy, I regret recommending its elimination,” he said during his Senate confirmation hearing.

When it comes to climate change, however, he said that “some of it is naturally occurring, but some of it is also caused by man-made activity.” Hint: contemporary climate change is, by a massive margin, caused by human activity.

Still, although he is steadfastly refusing to accept the overwhelming science that climate change is a dominantly man-made phenomenon, this is a mild improvement from saying that climate scientists are engaged in a data manipulation conspiracy in order to procure funds. He is, very painfully, heading in the right direction.

Perhaps most encouragingly, Perry noted that he will “advocate and promote American energy in all forms, and that includes renewables.”


Investment in renewable energy? Wonderful – except, of course, he said “all forms”, which presumably includes a lot of coal and oil.

More than anything else, this press release makes it sound like he is somehow still hoping to be an oil and gas ambassador. Again, this is not the point of the DoE, but Perry gets full marks for persistence.

[H/T: New York Times]

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