How Robots Will Change The Jobs Of Humans In The Future

They took our jerbs! Well, not just yet. Leremy/Shutterstock

“Robot singing teachers” will be in demand too, apparently. This doesn’t strictly mean fleets of people teaching robots to be the next Beyonce. It is likely, however, there will be people who earn their keep by developing software that robots use to learn add-on functions that go beyond their standard factory settings. That could include things like cooking a new meal, riding a bike, or learning to sing.

“Robot plastic surgeons” will also be a demanded skill, according to Gonzalez-Jimenez. So too will “robot travel agents” and “beauty contest judges for robots”.

This is all just an exercise to think about how robots will change the job market beyond the argument of them taking over our jobs. Just like the times before us, this inevitable transition will need to be well managed and finely balanced. It's also fair to say that we probably won't see the next wave of jobs coming, just as laid-off factory workers in the 20th century didn't anticipate the Internet boom. 

But hey, rest assured, your future job probably won’t be a fuel-cell for an all-encompassing AI megacity. We’ve got a bit of time before that.

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