Hidden Ancient Egyptian Paintings Revealed Thanks To New Digital Imaging Tool

This image was revealed to be a vulture, not a hawk. Evans et al

Aother painting described as “highly unusual” in the research shows a figure carrying an animal, possibly a pig, on their shoulders. “The meaning of this somewhat humorous motif remains to be determined,” the paper notes.

There's also that impressive image of a bird at the top of this article. Thought originally to be a hawk, image enhancement revealed it to be a vulture, with its large wings outstretched and its feathers painted in red and bluish-green. Meanwhile, an “egg” it was thought to be carrying actually seems to be the upper half of an ankh sign.

"The image of a vulture holding an ankh-symbol in its claws is also really interesting because it’s a motif that is otherwise only associated with royal monuments," said Dr Evans. "So, what is it doing in the tomb of a commoner? This is a mystery we still have to solve."

These re-interpretations are giving archaeologists a new look at ancient paintings – and it’s hoped there will be more discoveries to come in the future. Beni Hassan is described as a "treasure trove" of animal imagery, so there may be similarly remarkable findings still to be made.

"The new images we have found confirm that animals were a crucial part of ancient Egyptian life," said Dr Evans.

This "highly unusual" image showed someone carrying a pig. Evans et al
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