Homemade "Iron Man" Suit Can Lift A Mini Cooper

the Hacksmith/YouTube

Powered exoskeletons are no longer just for supersoldiers in "Starship Troopers" or "Call Of Duty." In fact, this guy builds them at home in his garage in Ontario, Canada.

After being inspired by the film "Elysium," James Hobson – from the YouTube channel The Hacksmith – decided to use his degree in engineering to create his own battery-powered exoskeletons. Two years ago, he used one of his creations to bicep curl a 124 kilograms (275 pounds) barbell weight live on TV.

For his latest exploit, he designed and made an exoskeleton that can help hoist up a Mini Cooper with his legs. While James doesn’t lift the full 1,144 kilograms (2,524 pounds) of the car, he manages to lift up its rear tires.

When asked in the video's comment if he felt any pressure in his legs, James replied “Zero pressure – piece of cake!”

Check out the Hackaday website, where James writes as a contributor, for more information.




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