Google's AI Makes Its Own AI Children – And They're Awesome

Don't panic - this is an amazing development. Sergey Tarasov/Shutterstock

Robin Andrews 07 Dec 2017, 16:33

A different child AI did this a few months back, using data sets that featured catalogues of words and color images. The new data sets, however, contain far more detailed and numerous images, and NASNet is nailing it.

Remember, this is an AI that another AI effectively created itself. That’s an incredibly exciting advance.

Until recently, when it comes to AI, much of the media attention has focused on DeepMind’s creations, a subsidiary company of Google. Their team is most famous for developing AlphaGo.

After becoming the world champion in the ancient board game, Go, it was usurped by its range of “Zero” AIs, those that can learn only by playing themselves. Unlike their predecessors, they require no human input whatsoever, and can master both Go and chess in a matter of days or even hours.

It looks like AutoML – the product of the Google Brain team – may turn out to be the company’s new star, however. An AI that can create its own AI sounds a little troubling, but it’s actually the opposite.

Stock imagery is great. Jirsak/Shutterstock

Say you need a complex computational or monitoring task to be run – say, climate modeling – but you can’t code. No problem: The AI could make a program for you with very little or no external input.

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