Drop Everything And Read The Ridiculous Terms And Conditions For Elon Musk's Flamethrower

Say hello to Musk's little friend. The Boring Company

Madison Dapcevich 11 May 2018, 12:30

The terms and condition for the Boring Company’s new flamethrower – ahem, Not-a-Flamethrower – are anything but. Naturally, the eccentric billionaire (and real-life Bruce Wayne) would come out with ludicrous rules for his already outrageous new product.

Musk’s construction and tunnel business emailed out lawyer-approved terms for anyone who ordered the more-than-sketchy-but-still-technically-legal flamethrower, reports Mashable

For starters, the not-so-boring terms start off with a bit of lyrical prose one can only assume was inspired by Dr Seuss.


The terms then take on a serious(ish) note – the company has to cover all its bases, after all.


Americans, this means you can't use your flamethrower to kill encroaching spiders no matter how terrifying they might seem. But not showing it off to friends or romantic interests? That's just unreasonable, Musk.

If you're really ready to drop a cool $500 on the slightly terrifying and even less slightly legal new flamethrower then make sure you're ready to "check a lot of boxes". 


The whole thing started back in December when tech's King Midas announced he would start selling flamethrowers after selling 50,000 hats. Two months later, and less than a week on sale, The Boring Company sold out of its 20,000th (and final) branded flamethrower raking in around $10 million in about 100 hours. If you were one of the lucky few who snagged a flamethrower, you have until May 24 to agree to the company's terms

Flaming torches aside, the tweeting genius has a few other hobbies worth noting. 


If you're not fully convinced that Musk is a real-life Bruce Wayne then we don't know what to tell you. The guy has a knack for turning joking tweets into multimillion-dollar realities. Just like the flamethrower, the Tesla-creator launched his construction company The Boring Company "to build a tunnel boring machine" simply because traffic was driving him nuts. 




Earlier this year, he decided to launch a Tesla into space because who wouldn't drop $90 million on a rocket? He's even hinted at building a dragon cyborg, which we're not totally sure how that might work but are super into seeing it come to fruition. 

Until then, we can stay toasty – in a super safe and abiding by the terms and conditions sort of way – with the new "not" a flamethrower. 



[H/T Mashable


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