By The Way, There Are Street Lights Powered By Dog Shit

The power of poop, electrified soup. gdefilip/Shutterstock

As reported by BBC News, there are several companies that aim to turn poo into a significant profit. Inspired by a Norwegian firm, another UK-based company decided to embrace poo power to reduce its overall electricity bill by 20 percent.

The treasure oozing from our lower ends could be revolutionary for less developed nations, argues a study from 2015. If the poop of a billion people without access to proper sanitation facilities was cooked and transformed into charcoal, it could power 18 million homes.

It could, in some cases, make a huge difference. Reuters notes that authorities in Kenya have been working towards harnessing the power of the poo of millions of the country’s down-and-out residents.

It’s not ideal: releasing or burning methane adds to the world’s already exorbitantly massive carbon footprint, albeit just a little in this regard. Although there are benefits to burning poop in this way, when it comes to developing countries, it’s looking increasingly like cheap, portable, accessible solar power may be the best way to get electricity to impoverished or underdeveloped communities.

Every little helps. Wasitt Hemwarapornchai/Shutterstock

Still, you’ve got to hand it to our silly species. The fact that we can, even on a small scale, power things using the grim remnants squeezed out of our posteriors is a heartwarming bit of ingenuity.

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