Teach Your Kid To Code With These Cool Texting Devices

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Two great things about kids are their natural curiosity and their love of constructing imaginary worlds. Teaching kids computer science skills is a must these days, but finding innovative ways to do it can be tricky. That’s why it’s important to combine both a child’s propensity for building and exciting ways to introduce coding without making it feel like work. Children learn well through experimental learning, and that is why providing the right problem-solving projects can build their confidence and teach them the must-have skills of today. 

Chatter: DIY Encrypted Wireless Communicator offers kids the opportunity to assemble a private texting device while learning about electronics, coding, wireless networks, encryption, and griddles communication. Understanding computers and learning the basics of coding helps children to develop an appreciation for how things work. With Chatter: DIY Encrypted Wireless Communicator children will develop soft skills and build aspects of their character by developing traits like resilience, grit, and patience as they navigate through this building exercise. 


A little bit about Chatter: DIY Encrypted Wireless Communicator. Unlike your regular cellphone, this device has its own wireless network to communicate with other Chatter devices, so it doesn’t require a network or SIM card to transmit text messages. Chatter devices are encrypted to ensure privacy for your child. They can safely send messages to their friends without any outside interference. 

The Chatter: DIY Encrypted Wireless Communicator comes with two devices so you can assemble these devices with a parent or a friend. There is a friends list, friend paring, chat color customization, profile avatars, memes, and notifications. The 1 mile to 4 mile radius gives you ample opportunity to text a friend at the park or the treehouse in the backyard. Chatter is a great way to learn and communicate safely with friends and family. 

Get Chatter: DIY Encrypted Wireless Communicator for $132.99 (reg. $149), a discount of 11 percent. 

Prices subject to change.

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