Take The Movie Theater Anywhere And Save $140 On This Tiny Laser Projector!

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Ready for movie night? Want to turn your living room or outdoor get together into a movie theatre without shelling out thousands for a home system? Want a piece of tech that is shrunk down much more than you thought it could be? Well now you can get the ultra-thin Wemax Go Smallest ALPD Laser Projector for only $429.99 (reg. $599). Designed for maximum portability and full connectivity, you’ll have the movie theatre in your pocket wherever you go.

Never struggle with cords and wires again as the Wemax Go is fully wireless and Bluetooth compatible. You won’t worry again about making sure you have all the right cords to enjoy your favorite flicks. The Wemax Go is packed with power, fits right in your pocket and produces a super bright laser light that lasts for 25,000 hours. Save more than $140 on a phenomenal gaming and movie-going experience that is not much bigger than your average smartphone. 


Crowdfunded by nearly 600 backers on IndieGoGo in 2021, the Wemax Go Smallest ALPD Laser Projector was designed form the start to be one of the smallest powerful movie projectors that you can get. Reviewers have been loving the Wemax Go since it started shipping, with the projector getting a 5 out of 5 star review on TechPowerUp. The reviewer loved the add-on capability and tiny size, stating, “Drilling down to it, the Wemax Go is tiny, lightweight and portable right out of the box with the sturdy carrying case. 300 ANSI lumens is just fine for an entry-level projector, and the fact that you can use a potent USB-C power brick or even battery pack to bring the Wemax Go to life adds further merit…”

Go ahead and get your Wemax Go Smallest ALPD Laser Projector for only $429.99 (reg. $599) while our sale is still on-going! You’ll bring the movie theatre home, to the party, or anywhere you want with the Wemax Go’s tiny size and lightweight design.

Prices subject to change.

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