Take Stunning Aerial Photos With Over $20 Off This Tiny Flying Camera

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When you’re taking photos or shooting video in a crowded or large space, there’s no selfie stick long enough to capture the entire scene in one shot. That’s when your Pocket-Sized Flying Camera comes in handy.  

With the AIR PIX, taking stunning aerial photos and videos is now easy and accessible. And fun! Looking down from above, you can achieve the perfect solo or group selfie with every shot. IFLScience readers can also get over $20 off for a limited time.


Capture the bird’s-eye view of a relative's wedding, graduation or other special occasions. Shooting from different heights and angles will create stunning images and videos that will show your events from an entirely new perspective. Want to take pictures above water without getting wet? This flying camera is your solution. From professional-looking real estate photos to spectacular sports photography, the AIR PIX can make your images really stand out. 

High-definition photos are 12MP, and 1080P videos are shot at 30 frames per second. There's 8GB of onboard memory, allowing you to store plenty of photos and videos. Customize and improve any of your photos with the Image Editing Suite. Use the Air Selfie mobile app and, in a few swipes, choose how the camera flies, edit your photos and share them instantly. Using the app’s Auto-Fly Mode, you can easily stay immersed in your life while it captures your memories autonomously. Along with being featured in The Sunday TimesWiredThe Huffington PostBuzzFeed and ForbesDigital Trends thinks the Auto-Fly feature “makes keeping it in the air so much easier." You can also fly the camera without the app in Gesture Mode, using simple hand gestures and movements. Check it out here

Along with the AIR PIX Flying Camera, you’ll receive a USB-C Charging Cord, Power Bank, Carrying Pouch, Quick Start Guide and two sets of props. If you order today, you can also receive a limited-time discount that takes over $20 off the regular price, and get it for just $138.95.

Prices subject to change.


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