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You want to get into the field of tech. In fact, you know that the best jobs are those that involve coding, the internet, and building electronics. Getting the right training can be tough, especially in all three fields at once. Well, that was a reality, until now. We’ve got the content you need to get a foothold in the tech field. This is your ticket to a better career and a knowledge base that simply makes life more interesting. 

The 2022 Complete Raspberry Pi & Python Hacker Bundle offers you 20+ hours of content, 6 courses and 209 lessons. It's on sale for just $34 (reg. $1,200). You can explore computing and programming on Python 3, Raspberry PI and Arduino. Total beginner? No problem. This training bundle teaches from the bottom with handy tips and tricks that will take your understanding to the next level. 


With your purchase, you will get everything you need to learn the Python 3 programming language, the ultimate guide to Raspberry PI with handy tips and tricks, a Raspberry PI bootcamp for beginners, insights on how to build Alexa skills from scratch to control devices in your own home. You will also get to build 15+ complete Arduino projects from scratch, creating secure, cloud-connected Internet (IoT) of Things apps and dashboards using Arduino, and more. 

Need further convincing? One 4.75 star reviewer, Hannah wrote that the bundle is, “Very helpful. I’m only halfway through and I’ve noted down at least three ways this can immediately help me in my work environment." If you’ve been looking for your big break, you’ve found it. With this training bundle, you can understand technology in a whole new light.  

Get The 2022 Complete Raspberry Pi & Python Hacker Bundle for $34 (reg. $1,200). 

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