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We get it. You want to portray yourself in the best possible light. So when it came time to put one of your fave pictures up on Instagram you wanted to, well, tweak it a little bit. So you started editing, and editing some more, until you thought you got it “just right”. It seems, however, your artistic skills may have been a little lacking, and now your image is going viral for all the wrong reasons. You’ve just become one of the many who have become known for their Photoshop fails. Perhaps it’s time to up your design skills and ensure that the next time you post, you receive accolades for the right reasons.

Learning the art of photo editing and, indeed, many of the other disciplines that fall under the category of graphic design, will not only ensure that your work is social media–worthy, but can potentially lead you down a whole new career path. Programs including Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects and Animate can take what used to be a hobby and make it into a satisfying and lucrative job.


Because it covers almost every creative need required by graphic designers, web designers, photographers, illustrators, marketing professionals, animators and more, Adobe’s collection of products has long been considered the industry standard. With constant improvements to its software, its use of innovative and powerful tools and its ability to cater to its customers’ needs, Adobe pretty much has the graphic design market cornered.

All this to say that, if you are considering working in the design field, Adobe can be your entrance ticket. This Ultimate Adobe CC Beginner to Advanced Training Bundle features courses on some of the most popular programs that Adobe offers, namely those listed above. Whether you’re a beginner just learning about photo editing, design, video editing, special effects or animation, or someone who is looking to expand their knowledge in these various fields, this bundle has you covered.

Taught by top-rated instructors who are experts in their fields, including Nicholas Lever, an award-winning game developer, and Alice Thorpe, a graphic designer, illustrator and content creator, this bundle features nine courses (each normally valued at $200), each bringing a plethora of instruction and hands-on practice, plus tips, tricks and techniques that will help solidify your knowledge of the Adobe programs. Lifetime access can be yours today for only $29.99.

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