Stop Remembering Passwords. LastPass Handles Them For You For $25

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Passwords. This one word can evoke a barrage of emotions ranging from minor annoyance to sheer frustration. Managing, generating and remembering passwords may as well be a full-time job, especially if you juggle multiple accounts on the daily. No one has the time for that! And while you might think that using the same password across multiple accounts will save you time and stress, it's actually one of the cardinal sins of personal cybersecurity

Instead, we recommend using LastPass, a reliable and easy-to-use password manager that will make your digital life easier to maneuver while saving precious time. And if you've just about had it with clicking "Forgot Password" prompts or writing new ones down on scraps of paper, you can get a year of LastPass Premium for only $2.08 a month!


LastPass Premium is more than just a password manager. It's also a vault app and password generator. LastPass will store your encrypted passwords online, meaning all of your passwords can be available for all of your devices in just a few clicks. When you save a password on one of your numerous applications, LastPass stores it so you can instantly access it whenever you need it, all while keeping your information private and secure.

With LastPass, you don't have to worry about hitting a password limit. You can store unlimited codes and 1GB of encrypted files and security notes. Plus, the Premium plan provides Dark Web monitoring and advanced multi-factor authentication options, as well as emergency access and priority tech support if you need it. 

Don't take our word for it! LastPass boasts 4.4-star ratings and above on websites like TechRadar, Tom's Guide and G2. CNET calls it a “leading password manager with a changing value proposition”. 

If you hate remembering passwords, with LastPass, you'll never have to remember them ever again. Get a Premium plan right now for just $24.99, or only $2.08 a month. 


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