Stay Warm in a Blackout with this CES-Featured Power Station

Get the EcoFlow Delta while it’s $999 (reg. $1,095).

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Whether you’re planning a spring camping trip or want to make sure you’re warm through winter, it may be a good idea to keep a on hand. One of these compact generators could help you stay connected and cozy whether you’re adventuring in the great outdoors or bundling up during a blackout. The EcoFlow Delta is a Kickstarter-funded and CES-featured portable power station with multiple modes of recharging including solar connectivity, and it’s on sale for $999 (reg. $1,399). 

A 1,260Wh Silent Generator 

Standard gasoline and diesel-powered generators are loud and emit carbon monoxide at lethal doses if kept in an enclosed area. Delta runs silently, can be used indoors, and you can charge it using an AC outlet, your car, or by connecting compatible solar panels. EcoFlow Delta comes with built-in X-Stream Technology that manufacturers claim helps it recharge up to 10 times faster than most other power stations on the market — 0-80% within an hour. Plug into your 12/24V carport, and you could see a full battery in less than 10 hours or just four with solar recharging. 


Each of the six AC outlets supports appliances up to 1,800W. For home use, that means you may be able to cook a warm meal, make a pot of coffee, and more during a . Just make sure to keep an eye on the remaining battery life on the display. If your phone or tablet are running low, take advantage of the USB-A and USB-C outlets located beneath the display. Between the AC and USB outlets, you could power up to 13 devices at once, and the display will even tell you how much power you’re using. 

Be Prepared for a Blackout

Keep the lights on, the coffee hot, and the movies playing with this portable power station you could take almost anywhere. Get the while it’s $999 (reg. $1,095). 

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