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Excel is one of the most useful powerful data visualization and analysis softwares. It uses spreadsheets to store, organize, and track data sets with formulas and functions. This go-to software allows managers and senior staff to analyze important data. You have likely come across Microsoft Excel in your work or school history, but how adept are you?

Microsoft Excel has a ton of nuances that remain relatively unknown without the right training. If you’ve been looking for a way to make Microsoft Excel work for you and not the other way around, then you need to keep reading. The Professional Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle offers 8 courses and 688 lessons on all things Microsoft Excel. It's on sale for just $19.50 (reg. $1600) during our Best of Digital Sale with code LEARNNOW.


You will master 75+ excel functions and formulas, learn 20+ charts and graphs, explore Power Query, Power Pivot and Dax, analyze raw data with Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts, develop skills and knowledge to create data models and get you certified. 

Microsoft Excel can be daunting for some, but that no longer needs to be the case. With this training and certification bundle, you can effectively and efficiently explore all that Microsoft Excel has to offer and then you will be a professionally certified user. In a world filled with data and data analysis, understanding the best ways to harness the power of Microsoft Excel is a must. This training promises to teach you all you need to know and increase your confidence. 

Join the 14,181 students enrolled and master Microsoft Excel. In the words of one 5 star reviewer, “I have been using Excel for a while now but it was amazing to learn some new amazing and useful tips and tricks just in the beginning of the course...power query/pivot couldn't have come in a better moment...I have been putting it to use right away!”

Get The Professional Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle for $19.50 (reg. $1,600) with code LEARNNOW. 


Prices subject to change.

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