Why NASA Keep Lying To The World, According To Flat-Earthers

Whoops. Alex Gerst/NASA/JSC

Robin Andrews 14 Feb 2018, 18:08

Earth isn’t a galactic Frisbee but, just recently, we took something of a deep dive, using science to posit what life would be like if our pale blue dot was flat. As it so happens, we’d sneeze ourselves into outer space, but before we did that, we’d be drinking absolutely awful wine on the surface of a geologically defunct discus.

There are numerous hypotheses being bandied about that attempt to explain why people would genuinely believe the world is flat, despite the significant decrease in life quality. As far as we can tell, it's pretty likely to be the same reasons anyone believes in any outlandish conspiracy theory: It’s a novel way of explaining an overwhelmingly complex world, one that’s partly driven by the human tendency to see things that aren’t there, a phenomenon known as “magical thinking”.

Leaving the psychology aside for the moment, we were curious about another aspect of this out-of-step ideology. Namely, what do Flat Earthers (trolls and die-hard believers) think or claim is motivating everyone else to cover up the “fact” that Earth is flat?

In Veritate Victoria!

The Flat Earth Society (TFES) is renowned for a few things, including their fundamentally off-piste belief system and their unnervingly persistent courtesy on their curious Twitter account. They also have their own Wiki, which is far more bellicose in its support for their belief system than their social media acolytes tend to be.

In it, their mission is described as if it’s a call to arms. Vowing to meet the “common round earther in the open,” to “declare that his reign of error and confusion is over,” their brief manifesto also hints at their thought process when it comes to the average person: We just haven't figured out the truth yet.


“The soldiers of truth and reason of the Flat Earth Society have drawn the sword, and ere another generation has been educated and grown to maturity, will have forced the usurpers to abdicate,” it notes. The use of the word usurpers is an interesting turn of phrase, as it suggests that those pesky round earthers have essentially robbed them of the mantle of truth.

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