What Would It Look Like If The Moon Were A Disco Ball?

Flickr CC. Ewan Topping. Mirror Ball Amsterdam.
Kristy Hamilton 20 Oct 2014, 21:19

If the moon were a disco ball, would it reflect dancing light upon Earth? Michael Stevens from Vsauce explores this very question in a six minute video with beautiful visuals.

Adjusting for the difference in size between the moon and a disco ball, the larger mirrored tiles on the moon would be 150 kilometers squared and the smaller ones 100 kilometers squared. In total, there would be 3,012 mirrored tiles, all 10 kilometers thick with glass.

So if this were the case, would Earth be one large disco party? Using a dash of imagination and plenty of physics, here is a theoretical exploration of what would happen if our moon became a disco ball. 


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