The Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower Peaks TONIGHT - Here's How To Watch

A Delta Aquarid meteor in 2014. Jimmy Westlake/NASA.

Look up to the skies on July 28 to spot the annual meteor shower of the Delta Aquarids.

Visible from 9:00p.m. EDT (10:00p.m. BST; see international times here), the meteor shower is best viewed from the Southern hemisphere and southern parts of the Northern hemisphere.

But if you’re not in those regions, never fear! You can also check out the two-hour livestream below from Slooh with astronomers Will Gater and Bob Berman as they discuss and answer viewers’ questions via Twitter using #SloohDeltaAquarids.

The origins of the passing Delta Aquarids have been mired in mystery since the late 1800s. Some astronomers theorize that when the Earth passes by the Comet 96P Machholz, a stream of debris causes the meteor shower. However, the comet was discovered in 1986, while the meteor shower has been spotted since the 1870s.

If it's cloudy in your area, you can watch a live stream here:



[H/T: Slooh]


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