Was Venus Once A Habitable World Like Earth?

Jonathan O`Callaghan 08 Aug 2016, 17:21

To date, much of our search for past or present life elsewhere in the Solar System has focused on Mars. That’s not without reason; Mars is a rocky planet like Earth, has a thin atmosphere, and we’re pretty certain it once had vast seas of water on its surface. But maybe we should be considering another planet, too: Venus.

Venus today is anything but habitable. Its surface temperature is hot enough to melt lead, its atmosphere is a mixture of poisonous sulfuric acid and carbon dioxide, and it has no water. However, mounting evidence is suggesting this was not always the case.

A new study published in Geophysical Research Letters (pre-print on arXiv) from a team of US scientists modeled what Venus may once have looked like. The researchers created four models for the surface based on how fast it may have rotated (today it rotates once every 243 days) and how much sunlight it received. And, they suggest, in some scenarios, it could have supported a habitable environment anywhere between 2.9 billion and 715 million years ago, with oceans and even snow on the surface, and a temperature more similar to modern Earth.

This is not the first study to suggest that Venus might once have been habitable, but it provides a new insight into what Venus may have looked like in its past. A runaway greenhouse effect, where the temperature of the planet increased rapidly as its atmosphere got thicker and trapped more heat, ultimately led to the hellish world we see today. But is there a chance life may once have existed there?

“Present-day Venus is an inhospitable place with surface temperatures approaching 750K and an atmosphere over 90 times as thick as present day Earth's,” the study notes. “Billions of years ago the picture may have been very different.”

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