Super Active Sun Knocks Out Global Radio With Huge Solar Flare

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory captured these images of a solar flare on May 5, 2015 / NASA/GSFC/SDO

The sun unleashed a powerful solar storm yesterday, causing temporary radio blackouts. The intense eruption of radiation was the largest solar storm this year. NASA has classifed the event as an X-class, specfically an X2.7—the most intense category of solar flares, which can produce auroras and, as occurred yesterday, radio blackouts. 

“Just when we thought that the maximum peak of solar cycle number 24 was behind us, the Sun is coming up with violent surprises,” says astronomer Bob Berman.

The Slooh Observatory will be hosting a live broadcast today at 1 PM PDT/4 PM EDT/ 20:00 UTC - International Times.

As usual, the event will be hosted by Eric Edelman and astronomers Will Gater and Bob Berman. To ask them questions during the show, use the hashtag #SunnySideUp.




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