Scott Kelly Gets Into Some Ape Suit Hijinks On The ISS

Mark Kelly/NASA/Twitter

American astronaut Scott Kelly is in the final days of his year-long mission. What better way to wind down from an intense marathon on the International Space Station than floating around in a gorilla suit, chasing Tim Peake to the Benny Hill soundtrack?

The video was uploaded to Twitter by Mark Kelly – Scott's Earth-bound twin brother and former astronaut. In true brotherly jest, Mark tweeted, “Um, @StationCDRKelly, I thought you said you had things under control up there on @Space_Station? #ApeInSpace”

Kelly will touch back down to Earth on March 1, after just under a year in space. His twin, Mark, is as much part of this mission as he is. Although he has the perhaps cushier job of staying back on our home planet, NASA will compare the twins' health to assess the effect of long-haul space travel on the human body.

Tech Insider reported that Mark actually sent Scott the gorilla suit in a care package. NASA hasn’t confirmed that, however it’s good to know Kelly and the rest of the crew have their priorities right when they’re ordering their cargo deliveries.




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