Physicist Michio Kaku Suggests We'll Meet Aliens Within This Century And They'll See Us As Primitive "Forest Animals"

It's very unclear how our first contact with intelligent life will transpire, but it probably won't go the way we think. Lonely/Shutterstock

Robin Andrews 27 Feb 2018, 12:58

Inverse spotted that Kaku also ruminated on the possibility that, if aliens are advanced enough, then “sectarian, fundamentalist, nationalist” problems may have been ironed out by the time they arrive, which suggests they could be peaceful. That doesn’t mean that they still won’t see humanity as being primitive, harmless, but perhaps inconvenient obstacles of some kind.

Later in the thread, Kaku emphasizes that we’ve still got a long way to go before we’re spacefarers ourselves, even if we do have Elon Musk, who is “making it possible to enter a new Golden Age of space exploration, almost free of charge to the taxpayer.” He still suggests we'll need to speed up our evolution by cybernetically and genetically enhancing ourselves as we get on with terraforming other worlds.

Repeatedly referring to the Kardashev Scale, Kaku underlines the fact that we are “still a Type 0 civilization, we still have the savagery that typified our rise from the swamp. However, we are about 100 years away from becoming a Type I planetary civilization, where many of our sectarian, fundamentalist, nationalist divisions have been resolved.

“So, if we can survive until the transition to a Type I civilization, we might just make it.”

Place your bets now, people.

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