This Single Image Contains 6 Celestial Phenomena. How Many Can You Name?

P. Horálek/ESO
Danielle Andrew 12 Feb 2015, 00:00

This awe inspiring image was created from a composition of long exposure shots captured over the ESO's La Silla Observatory by Petr Horálek throughout January 2015. 

Horálek managed to capture no fewer than 6 stunning celestial phenomema:

  • Comet Lovejoy takes centre stage glowing green in the middle of the image
  • The California Nebular makes an appearance throwing an arc of red gas across the sky (to the right of Comet Lovejoy)
  • The consolation Pleiades, or Seven Sisters, can be spotted with a keen eye just to the right of Comet Lovejoy.
  • In the top left you can see a meteor making its way across the sky
  • The horizon can be seen glowing green as a result of a collection of oxygen in the upper atmosphere
  • The hazy smog settling above the observatory is as a result of low altitude cloud
  • And the (not-so-other-worldly) Pan American Highway can be seen cutting across the middle of the image.

Hi-resolution downloads of the image can be found here


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