Northern Lights Shine Above Moosehead Lake, Maine, In Five-Hour Time-Lapse

Northern Lights dazzle in a scene above Moosehead Lake, Maine. Mike Taylor/

The photograph above of a kaleidoscopic sky filled with auroras reflected in the waters of Moosehead Lake, Maine, was captured by landscape photographer Mike Taylor in late June this year.

Shown in the time-lapse video below, the bright colors of the Northern Lights (or "aurora borealis") are caused by electrically charged particles colliding with each other, entering the Earth's atmosphere from the Sun. Commonly appearing in shades of pink and green, though other colors have been seen, these vibrant light displays can be spotted near the North Magnetic Pole.

Taylor captured the dazzling displays as “approximately 1,400 still frames,” using two Nikon cameras (D600 and D700) and wide-angle lenses, before piecing them together for the continuous video.

Check out the beautiful scenes across the Maine landscape in the time-lapse below.





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