NASA’s Pumpkin Carving Contest Is Out Of This World

Pumpkin Pi anyone? JPL via Flickr

What happens when you mix the world’s top astrophysicists with Halloween-themed arts and crafts materials? The answer can be found every year at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL), which has just hosted its annual pumpkin carving nerd-fest for the sixth time – and the results are nothing short of spectacular.


NASA's latest space telescope. Aaron Yazzie via Twitter

As per usual, the JPL engineers have shunned the traditional jack-o-lantern ghoulish faces in favor of space-themed creations, including a UFO abducting a cow in its traction beam, a pumpkin-seed-swallowing black hole, and a telescope peering out at the planets of the Solar System as they orbit the Sun.


Juno orbiting a pumpkin Jupiter and its moon Europa. JPL via Flickr


A UFO abducts a representative from Earth. Aaron Yazzie via Twitter

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