NASA Releases Astonishing GoPro Footage From Astronauts POV

A screenshot from the GoPro video. NASA
Kristy Hamilton 13 Apr 2015, 20:45

A NASA astronaut has filmed his out-of-this-world perspective with a GoPro during two spacewalks known as extravehicular activities (EVAs). The videos were taken on February 25 and March 1 of this year.

The footage provides a view that few of us will ever get to see, which is exactly the reason U.S. astronaut Terry Virts filmed the video while he and fellow astronaut Barry Wilmore performed essential maintenance on the International Space Station.

The first of these spacewalks (EVA #30) was filmed as Virts and Wilmore serviced the spacecraft’s robotic arm and made preparations for the International Docking Adapters that will arrive later in 2015. The second video (EVA #31) was taken as the astronauts routed 400 feet (120 meters) of cable and installed antennas for a new communications system that NASA will use in the future. 

For a collection of clips taken from the hour-long video, watch below. To view the full-length footage, click here.

To check out more incredible vines and photos by Terry Virts, visit his twitter account here.


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