Lyrid Meteor Shower Peak Live Webcast


Tonight is the peak of the annual Lyrid meteor shower with about 20 meteor sightings per hour! The best time to view will be between midnight and dawn, Eastern time. This cosmic show will be visible all over the world, but those in the northern hemisphere will have a better view than our friends in the southern hemisphere.

Unfortunately, the waning gibbous moon may wash out some of the meteors, and city lights will also make it hard to see them. If you are unable to head out of town to clearer, darker skies, your best bet might be to view the peak online. The Slooh Space Camera and NASA will both be streaming live webcasts.

NASA’s coverage will come from the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, provided that the weather remains clear. Coverage will begin at dusk, around 8:30 EDT.

Video streaming by Ustream

The Slooh Space Camera will begin streaming the event at 8:00 pm EDT: 

Until then, check out this video NASA released from the 2012 Lyrids:


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