How Do Animals React To A Solar Eclipse?

An illustration of a solar eclipse. NASA

One such place includes Nashville Zoo, who wrote on their blog: “We are zoology professionals and enthusiasts, and we are very curious to see how our animal collection will react to a false dusk, night, and dawn taking place over the course of a few hours in the middle of the day. So on August 21, we will be watching our animals, and we invite you to come to the zoo and do the same.”

While they are not certain what will happen, they have decided to look out for the anecdotal behaviors and see if they stand the test of totality. Such behaviors include animals nesting, cessation of foraging, and cicadas making noise. Behaviors that may be possible to observe from one’s backyard include bats flying around, orb weaving spiders dismantling their webs, and fireflies signaling. 

While we may not know how the animals will react, this month's eclipse provides a prime opportunity for citizen scientists to help Johnson and her team gather data and find out. 

[H/T: National Geographic]



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