Florida Man Arrested After He Stops Stolen Car To Watch The Eclipse

This is not really a picture of the eclipse. Orange County Sheriff's Office/NASA /IFLScience

A 22-year-old man has been arrested for car theft, after he pulled over to watch the eclipse. 

According to the Orange County Sheriff's Office, Joscan Feliciano Rosado stole a car and was being followed by the Auto Theft Unit shortly before the eclipse. As the eclipse approached, he stopped the vehicle outside a local store and parked up. 

The man, who had clearly been listening to eclipse safety advice, if not property laws, went inside to buy a welder's mask so that he could safely view the spectacle. The eclipse enthusiast then proceeded to go outside and put on the welding mask to watch it. Whilst he looked up safely at the eclipse, he was arrested.

The Sheriff's Office posted about the arrest on their Facebook page.


The Sheriff's Office wrote that the man "never saw it coming" when the deputies "swooped in and made an arrest". Probably because he was wearing a welding mask at the time. 

It's unclear whether the Florida man took the car solely for the purpose of watching the eclipse, and the alleged car thief has yet to be prosecuted for it.

The Facebook post has proved divisive, with some people laughing at the arrested man, and others praising his enthusiasm for astronomy.

"Probably the only person in the USA who stole a car just to drive to harbor freight to get a welder's mask to look at the eclipse," one man commented on the post. "This kid's gonna be famous. Remember I told you that."

Another person blamed the eclipse itself for the man's behavior.


Whilst another Facebook user implied that he was smarter in some ways than President Trump, who briefly viewed the eclipse without using any safety equipment whatsoever.

"Look at the bright side, at least he was smart enough to know not to look at the sun without protection... perhaps there is still hope for this one," they wrote.

NASA advises that only welders' helmets of shade 12 or higher can be safely used to view an eclipse. Fingers crossed the man knew this, or he'll have eye problems to go along with his court case.


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