Flat-Earther Confronts NASA Scientist In Starbucks, Scientist Reacts Brilliantly

The creator of the Official Flat Earth and Globe Discussion group confronts a NASA employee in Starbucks. It doesn't go as well as he planned. YouTube / Flat Earth Talk.

James Felton 26 May 2017, 18:10

The founder of the Official Flat Earth and Globe Discussion page confronted a NASA scientist in a Starbucks in a bizarre viral video. 

Prominent flat-earther, Nathan Thompson, bumped into a NASA scientist in a coffee shop. They appear to have had a polite discussion about Mr Thompson's views on spaceflight, and the scientist even gave him some NASA stickers, before Nathan decided to attempt to talk to the scientist on camera whilst he purchased a coffee.

The flat-earther, whose Facebook page has over 30,000 members, appears to be baffled by how people could drown in space and wants answers from the anonymous employee. 

He appears to be referring to the incident in which Italian ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano's helmet filled with water on a spacewalk due to a clogged water filter. It began to cover his nose, making it difficult to breathe. Mr Thompson seems to think it is some sort of proof that NASA is lying to people.

"I'm here with a real NASA employee," he tells his viewers in his YouTube video. "A legit NASA employee."

"And I asked him. I said, uh, astronauts have almost died in space. Uh, they get water in their suit and they almost drowned and he said it was because of saliva. This guy right here, hang on, I'm gonna wait for him to get to the front of the line, and then I'm gonna ask him some more questions."

Nathan then tries to get the NASA employee's attention, whilst he innocently attempts to buy a coffee. When the NASA employee doesn't respond, Mr Thompson assumes this is because he is asking uncomfortable questions that NASA wouldn't want to answer.

"Look, he was all nice. He was all nice. He gave me NASA cartoon frigging emblems," Nathan said, looking for the word "stickers". "And now he won't talk to me at all."

The NASA employee gave Mr Thompson stickers, or 'NASA cartoon frigging emblems' as they are perhaps better known.
Screen capture from YouTube / Flat Earth Talk.

Mr Thompson then decided to confront the NASA employee, cutting in line to ask his questions. When the man calmly declined to answer his questions, telling him to "have a nice day, OK?" Nathan's line of questioning became more aggressive.

"Come on, you won't chat with me? You hate Americans? Is that it?"

"Excuse me?" the employee replies, taking offense but remaining calm. "How the hell did you get that? Don't ever accuse me of that again. I don't have to chat with you. Step over there, ok? I'm done talking to you."

When Nathan wouldn't stop questioning the man, a Starbucks employee stepped in and ask the flat-earther to leave.

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