Every Ship That Has Carried Humans Into Space Scaled Into One Chart

Heaney555 / Reddit
Kristy Hamilton 11 Dec 2014, 19:56

A new chart puts human spaceflight in perspective with every launch system, spacecraft, and space station combined into one image by Reddit user Heaney555.

As it turns out, the colossal Saturn V rocket nearly equals the International Space Station in height—which is about the length of a football field, or a 36-story-tall building. The Saturn V was used in the 1960’s and 1970s to support NASA’s Apollo program for human exploration to the moon. It is still the largest and most powerful US expendable launch vehicle ever built.

The chart is heavily inspired by firmada’s post but, according to Heaney555, fixes the inaccuracies. Check out the conversation on Reddit here. For an enlarged image, click on the image below. 


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