Space Lovers Need this Moon-Inspired LED Lamp

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Moon LED lamp


It’s an exciting time for those of us who are completely fascinated by outer space. For one, the range of headlines over the past year or so has been captivating. From recent news of wine being aged in the vast expanse to intel on how the Great Divide came to be, there’s no shortage of cosmos-themed stories to wow you. Not to mention the list of celebrities who have already bought their tickets to travel to space – fun to read about, though we'd be lying if we said we weren't envious. 


While we may not be able to get out there ourselves, we can bring a taste of the solar system into our homes. Consider the LampDepot LED Levitating Lamp your own personal mini-moon. The beautifully designed accessory is more than a countertop accent: it’s a way to experience the lunar sky from the comfort of your couch, favorite lounge chair or even your bed.

It's a pretty awesome concept. Magnetic levitation technology powers the 3D-printed LED lamp, which floats and spins to mimic the moon in motion. Simply activate the touch sensor controls, kick back and watch the mesmerizing movement. And with three lighting modes to choose from, you can pick the perfect lighting for your space; select from white, warm white or warm yellow.

Space-obsessed kids will love this lamp too. Expect them to be in awe of the floating moon as it rotates over the light base. It also makes for a great prompt to discuss the solar system, space and science as a family. The ultimate night-light, watching this soothing celestial lamp is an excellent way to relax and unwind – for children and adults alike. 

Position the lamp in your bedroom, on your desk or in your living room to amuse your guests. Enjoy the best view of the moon, no telescope necessary. Get the LampDepot LED Levitating Lamp for $106.99. 


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