Show, Don't Tell With This Simple And Power Screen Capture Program

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"Show, Don't Tell" is a technique attributed to the literary world wherein an author, rather than laying out the facts of a situation, creates an atmosphere that dramatizes the scenes and gives the reader a more immersive experience.


We will take that phrase more literally here and suggest the next time you need to share what you have been working with your boss, your colleagues or even your friends that you show them. Don't try to explain it. Don't try to write it down in a report or an email. Instead, simply give them a first-hand look with the help of Snagit 2022.

Simply put, Snagit is a screen-capture program that can do so much more. But like the author who embellishes a passage that their readers can genuinely relate to, you can enhance your screen with video, audio, animated GIFs, additional text, stamps or arrows to make your presentation clearer and easier to understand. You can highlight the points of interest, delete whatever you may deem unnecessary, even add a running commentary, should you so desire. Gone are the excessive meetings, wordy emails, tiring video calls and confusing explanations.

A recipient of the Editors' Choice Award by PCMag for "Screen-Capture Utilities" due to its flexibility, power, and ease of use, Snagit offers a plethora of features that are going to make communications in your workplace so much easier. For example, it allows you to take a full-page scrolling screenshot, extract text from your screen capture or file and quickly paste it into another document for edits. You can add a picture-in-picture recording for a more personal touch, make the objects in your screen capture movable so that you can rearrange or delete the elements to your liking, and so much more. Then, when the final product is exactly the way you want it, you can share it through an email, a video chat or any other communication platform.

"Love this tool!" "Couldn't work without it!" "Makes my life easier." These are but a few of the praises sung by Snagit's satisfied customers. You, too, can reap the benefits that over 70 million users have enjoyed. Available now for only $39.99, you will receive lifetime access to all the program has to offer, plus a full year of maintenance and upgrades.


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