Score The Best Video Conferencing Background Removal App For Under $20

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The world certainly looks different these days. This past year and a half have been a bit unprecedented, to say the least. Pre-pandemic, who didn’t love making a video call to a loved one or special someone? It was a fun little pastime, but now, inviting business associates into our homes is a little too close for comfort. Who cares what Aunt Alice thinks of your curtains or the mess in the background, but your boss … Well, they just won’t have the same level of disinterest. 


And, yes, that’s why you have been using one of those stock background replacement screens, but you may have noticed the weird edges around your silhouette that can be hugely distracting and completely unprofessional. Thank goodness technology is finally catching up with demand. Now there's a better way to hold board meetings in the comfort of your home: a background replacement screen that might even convince you that you're somewhere else. 

XSplit VCam Premium will effectively remove, replace and blur your background during live streams, video calls and online meetings without a cumbersome green screen. The app offers cutting-edge technology that’s compatible with any webcam. You can easily open up your video conferencing app, add Split VCam as your main camera source and choose a professional background setup that best meets your needs. 

Is it compatible with streaming apps? Indeed, it is. XSplit VCam works with Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), Steamlabs and XSplit, and it's ideal for podcasts, vlogs, talk shows or other video projects on your roster. It works with all major video chat applications and conferencing solutions, so it's perfect for remote work, virtual interviews, meetings or teaching. With XSplit VCam, you have more flexibility and options—it even lets you use your mobile device as a webcam!

This lifetime subscription to XSplit VCam Premium is on sale for $29, but you can save an additional 40% off the sale price during this VIP Sale. Just use coupon code VIP40 at checkout to get this must-have background removing app for $17.40.


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