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Get the Mymanu CLIK S: Award-Winning Translation Earbuds for $157 (reg. $220), a discount of 28 per cent.

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Earbuds are part of our everyday life. In fact, if we leave home without them, we know it will be a long and boring day on our commute or at work. Earbuds have a way of inviting you into a world all of your own making, whether it’s listening to your fave playlist, scrolling through your favorite streamers and recent social media feed—your earbuds are your best friend. However, what if we told you there is an entirely new reason you could fall even deeper in love with your earbuds? You need to listen up. 

The Mymanu CLIK S: Award-Winning Translation Earbuds aren’t your average earbuds. They do all the great things your everyday earbuds do, with the exception of one pretty cool feature. The CLIK S earbuds actually translate for you. These wireless earbuds enable travelers to speak to more than 2 billion people in 37 languages from around-the-world. Long gone are the days of traveling to new and exciting places and understanding little. Now you can explore and experience local life in a whole new way by communicating in the local language with ease and confidence. 


With the CLIK S dual-sided buttons you can listen to all of your favorite music in HD sound, make and answer calls, read text notifications and more. With an outstanding battery life of 30 hours, you will have enough juice to last you all day through work or play. Did we mention comfort? The Mymanu CLIK S: Award-Winning Translation Earbuds come with various sized memory foam tips to guarantee you complete comfort and fit. 

Need further convincing? Not only are these earbuds simply not your average everyday earbuds, but they are also the winner of the Red Dot Design Award and they are the 2019 CES Innovation Awards Honoree. 

Get the Mymanu CLIK S: Award-Winning Translation Earbuds for $157 (reg. $220), a discount of 28 per cent. 

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