Reap the Numerous Benefits of Learning ASL for Only $19

For a limited time, you can get the Complete ASL training collection for $19 (reg. $199), a discount of 90 percent.

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Did you know that over 300 forms of sign language are currently in use worldwide? However, ASL or American Sign Language is the most commonly used. Learning sign language is extremely useful not only to communicate with hard-of-hearing members of the community, but it can be highly beneficial to anyone with a public-facing role, such as a nurse, educator, doctor or paramedic. Additionally, researchers have found that when parents teach young children essential sign words, it can improve parent-child bonds.

The benefits of learning ASL don’t just stop there. There are a number of reasons ASL is a great language to learn, but first, let’s discuss how to get the training. With the Complete ASL, you can learn to sign and understand over 500 basic vocabulary signs. What’s more. It only costs $19, 90 percent off the retail price of $199.


In this course, you can practice and learn starter signs, family signs, emotion signs, color signs, home signs, personality signs, question signs, verb signs, everyday things, place signs, time signs, occupations signs, number signs and food signs. All the signs you practice and review can help you communicate effectively and efficiently. Each signage category is taught in groups of 10, so you can easily practice and store them in your memory bank. At the end of each new group of signs, you will have a test and enjoy seeing your progress. 

Need further convincing? This course comes with a 4.95 average star rating on Udemy and an instructor rating of 4.85 stars. Michael Honkanen created Able Lingo after working in the field as a police officer and federal investigator when he realized ASL is an ideal way to communicate with and interpret for witnesses, victims and perpetrators. 

ASL has numerous benefits, from increasing cognitive abilities, body language interpretation, reaction times, peripheral vision and much more. 

For a limited time, you can get the Complete ASL training collection for $19 (reg. $199), a discount of 90 percent. 


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