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Now we’re not going to say with conviction that there was a baby boom the year that the first dimmer was invented, but we think it’s safe to say that things probably got a little more heated once the lights were turned down low. The soft ambiance and the romantic glow undoubtedly set the mood.

Now the dimmer has hit the 21st century with new features that makes this gadget better than ever! For a limited time, you can get a Smart Dimmer Plug with Remote Control on sale for just $26.99 (reg. $32). 


There’s no doubt that the dimmer switch was first brought to the market with love in mind. In fact, the first tag line for the product was “Dial Romance.” And while we thank Joel Spira for his invention in 1959, we are also grateful for the technological advances that have come along since. For beyond merely being able to control the light levels, we have come to appreciate the other advantages that dimmers offer. Dialing down the dimmer can help to save energy which, in turn, saves you money. They can help to make light bulbs last longer, reducing the amount that goes into landfills. It’s also been suggested that dimming lights in the evening has a positive effect on sleep cycles.

With all this in mind, let us return to the Smart Dimmer Plug, this dimmer plug can be totally controlled through your phone or via remote control. You can schedule your lights, set special scenes or dim the lights down to 1%. You can send voice commands through your digital assistant or login through the SmartLife app. Compatible with most any bulb that’s dimmable, including those in floor and table lamps, and string lights, and usable both inside and out, this gadget allows you to adjust the lighting no matter where you are.

Available now for only $26.99 (regularly priced at $32), this Smart Dimmer Plug is not guaranteed to improve your love life (for extra advice on that, check out these tips!) but it could. If nothing else, your room will look better and you could save a few bucks on your utility bills.

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